Tips for a Green Lawn in the Summer

During hot months of summer, it can be challenging for you to keep your lawn green. But, provided you follow the right lawn maintenance tips, you will still enjoy a beautiful green lawn during summer. For the lawn to stay green, you need to ensure the grass is healthy. The grass will be healthy if you will apply the right fertilizer and have enough water on the lawn. You will have enough water on the lawn through irrigation. There are some types of grass which will do well in all seasons; you can plant such type of grass so that you will find it easy to maintain them during summer.

1. Water the Lawn Correctly
Lawns will come in different shapes and sizes. To ensure you have all the water which will be sprinkled utilized by the lawn, you need to adjust the sprinkler to a size and shape of the lawn. You should water the lawn in the morning. This is necessary because the water will be utilized by the grass during the day in the process of photosynthesis. Watering in the afternoon will lead to more evaporation hence the grass will not utilize all the water. In the evening, the water will make the lawn damp, and there will be less utilization because the grass will not carry out photosynthesis due to lack of sunlight. Try to water at an interval of three times in a week so that the grass will develop deep roots. Avoid watering till you develop a runoff because it will lead to waste of water.

2. Aerate the Lawn
You need to aerate the lawn so that it will absorb more water for proper utilization by the grass. The easiest way to aerate the lawn is to push a fork into the ground. You can push at different sections of the lawn till you cover the entire lawn. This is necessary for you to improve water absorption of the lawn as well as improving the health of grass roots.

3. Feed your Lawn
For the grass to stay healthy, you need to apply the right fertilizer. You can take tests of your lawn soil so that you will identify minerals which are in deficient. Through an application of the fertilizer, you will improve the health of the grass.

4. Mow at the Right Height
To maintain the good looking lawn, you need to raise the blades of your lawnmower during summer. Mowing at higher heights will protect the roots from drying up during summer. The blades should be sharp to avoid shredding the grass which will accelerate drying up.