Brookhaven Appliance Repair Service: Maintenance Tips And Fixing Appliances To Last Long In Brookhaven GA

Proper appliance maintenance and fixing appliances to last longer with professional appliance repair services can be very useful for most homeowners in Brookhaven GA. Household appliances like refrigerators, icemakers, freezers, microwaves, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers are all expensive equipment in our homes today. When any of these appliances break down a lot of things in our homes do not remain the same. A solution through brookhaven appliance repair is needed as soon as possible to get the appliance smoothly working again.fridge repair

When you buy a new appliance, the manufacturer usually has a warranty provided as well as an appliance manual that can help you in troubleshooting and fixing minor appliance issues. You can quickly call the manufacturer for technical support if you have a brand new appliance and start experiencing some unexpected issues with it. For some issues, they may be able to help you over the phone to resolve them. You may also be able to do it on your own if you know how to use the appliance manual. If it’s an issue that can’t be resolved in any of those options and the warranty of your appliance is still valid, the manufacturer makes arrangements to have an authorized appliance repair company come to you to diagnose and fix the appliance at their own. You only pay for appliance repairs if your broken appliance is out of warranty.

Although at some point appliances must break down, it is possible when doing regular regular maintenance including cleaning the appliances to increase the chances of having them last longer. You can rely on the appliance manual to do that or find tips on appliance maintenance elsewhere on the web like from the manufacturer’s website or third-party appliance repair guides. It is important to recognize when appliance repair problems are complicated and beyond the minor solutions you can get on your own. There are many local appliance repair companies you can find near your location to help in fixing even the most difficult of appliance problems. Local appliance repair companies with great reviews from customers that have used them previously can be a great choice to help you fix any appliance repair problems you might have.

Look for experienced appliance repair technicians that can properly diagnose and fix your appliances at affordable prices in Brookhaven GA and other surrounding cities in Dekalb County. Before booking appliance repair appointments, make sure to provide detailed information about a broken appliance. Specify the type of appliance, the brand, the model and what the broken appliance isn’t doing properly. That way, the technician has an idea before they come to your home what to expect and they are best prepared to fix it on the spot depending on availability of parts. After the appliance is fixed, make sure to get a warranty for the service so that in case of any problem arising again soon you may have the technician visit again and check your appliance for free. When a professional technician checks your appliance for diagnosis, they will tell you if the appliance is beyond repair. Most appliances do not need to be repaired but rather replaced if the cost of repair is 50% or more compared to the price of a new appliance or if the appliance has already lasted 50% of its expected lifespan.

Proper Appliance Repairs & Maintenance Service With Techs For Appliance Repair Marietta GA

Major home appliances available in our homes today are becoming more and more sophisticated pieces of technology. Different major appliance companies today are competing to make some of the most advanced features to include in their latest models of appliances. These appliances include more parts that are rather increasingly more electrical than mechanical, which increases their chances of breaking down and making the repairs even more complicated. So the appliance repair industry today demands greater skills in professional appliance service technicians that you may need for appliance repair marietta ga.

smart home appliancesHomeowners need to be aware that major household appliances today will not last as long as they used to because they include more features that are likely to fail quickly. They not only need to avoid waiting for their appliances to break down before they call professional appliance repair technicians, but they should also do so for regular appliance maintenance to help prevent the appliances from breaking down soon. It is not enough to try and follow the guidelines provided in appliance manuals for taking care or troubleshooting some common appliance issues, but also going the extra mile to engage appliance repair technicians that can inspect your appliances at least on an annual basis. Regular appliance repair maintenance costs cannot be as high as the cost that would be incurred if an appliance breaks down. With regular appliance maintenance, you are going to enjoy having your appliances running smoothly for the longest time possible without having to worry about the stress associated with broken appliances.

Homeowners in Marietta Georgia can take advantage of local appliance repair companies that can quickly respond to their appliance repair service requests. They can engage them for regular appliance repair maintenance routines which can further prolong the lifespans of their expensive appliances. The only way to reduce the chances of appliances breaking down is by carrying out regular maintenance service on them.

Home Appliance Repair Tips For Maintenance To Save You Money On Appliance Repairs in Atlanta GA

Every homeowner would like to take advantage of any opportunity they can get to save money on repairs if they can manage to maintain their appliances to last long. This is especially important for major household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, oven ranges, and microwave ovens. Using the best appliance care and maintenance tips, you are likely not going to have an appliance repairman coming to your home for repairs until it’s absolutely necessary. When that time comes you can count on professional techs for appliance repair Atlanta to help. 

Your refrigerator is one of the most important major household appliances which also happens to be among the most expensive appliances for most homeowners. If this one breaks down, you are likely to part with huge sums of money to get it fixed. So it makes sense to focus on most of your maintenance care towards the appliance. Make sure the appliance gaskets are properly cleaned and the fridge has enough clearance from the walls for air circulation and improved performance.

Washing machines and dryers are also other critical major household appliances that require regular care and maintenance to prolong their lifespan. For the washing machine, you can inspect all the hoses to make sure they have no cracks or defects that could lead to water leaks and floods in the laundry room. As for the dryer, make sure to regularly clean the lint filter. You can easily test if it requires cleaning by pouring water through it. If it holds the water, then you would know it requires scrubbing using hot water and some laundry detergent.

Kitchen appliances such as stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers also can benefit from easy maintenance tips. For your stove, you simply need to clean most of the food spills that could stop the burners from working properly. Put some lemon slices in the water contained in a microwave-safe bowl to heat up inside the microwave. It will leave behind the water vapor to make cleaning much easier afterward. For the dishwasher, doing a weekly rinse with one cup of vinegar can help to keep the appliance smelling fresh. You would only need to make sure you don’t have plates or pots inside while doing that.

Every other major appliance can definitely benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance. Make use of the built-in self-cleaning features that come with most appliances, but that may not be advisable to do with most oven ranges to prevent other problems caused by extremely high temperatures.

Need Appliance Repair In Atlanta GA? Should You Do Appliance Repair Or Replace Your Broken Appliance?

Have you reached the cross road on whether to replace or repair an appliance? When your fridge at home has a warm temperature, or if your washing machine just stops spinning the question you ask yourself, is it worth spending time and money having the appliance service technician come over or is it more prudent to just buy a new one.

Calling out a service technician for appliance repair in Atlanta to help you fix your broken residential appliance quickly will answer the question whether it’s better to replace or repair a particular machine. Depending on the age of your appliance, replacement could save you the big cost of repair. Often, the repair service technician will save you around 70 to 80 percent of the cost of buying new. There is a caveat to this: To make a comparison, you must know in advance what the new, replacement cost would be.

3 Things you should know about hiring an Appliance Repair Service Company

How can you find the best appliance repair professional in Fulton County, Georgia? When hiring a technician for appliance repair you need to be more cautious. You need to ask yourselves these three questions:

1) How do you avoid paying too much?

When the repair job for your refrigerator at home is more than what you can do, hiring a refrigerator repairman is the best option. Knowing who to hire is always a dilemma. How do you avoid being “taken for a ride” by someone whom you are going to trust to give you a good, honest deal?

Finding an appliance technician should be like finding your new best friend!

  • Talk to friends and neighbors who have had an experience with the service
  • Check out feedback and reviews for recommended technicians on social media and online
  • Were people satisfied with the price they paid?
  • Were they happy with the skill of the service technician and the work was done?
  • Did they have to get the work re-done and if so how long after the initial repair?

When you have found a good prospect, call and make inquiries. Ask the right questions to get the right answers:

How much will a basic service call out cost? A point to note here is that most companies have a minimum charge for quotes and call outs, ranging from around $50 to $100. This means that you will pay just to have them look at your appliance, even if they have to come back later to fix it. When you are doing your math on the cost of repair or replace do not forget to include initial “look-see” charge!

2) What is it going to cost?

There is no legislated or standard charge for appliance repairs in the state of Georgia. Some Atlanta appliance repair companies may even charge with what they can get away with basically! Independent contractors whom you find through advice from friends or job boards in your area, charge significantly less than a state registered company, and often these smaller outfits are not licensed and do not have the same safeguards of a bonded business.

Many contractors charge hourly rates, and some will even include the call out fee in their repair charge if the problem is one that they can fix.

You must always ask how the bill is calculated. It should be a combination of labor and parts, with the service fee included if possible. Hourly rates vary between $99 and $150 per half hour. If you have fallen over at this high cost, bear in mind that many of the little jobs take less than 30 minutes to complete. For example, refrigerator repair of the defrosting unit on a residential fridge often only involves replacing connectors, and will take less than 15 minutes.

Beware of the dodgy characters who offer cut rates: they have below par services, especially if they want cash payment. Companies in the state who accept credit cards are frequently honest and reliable: they acknowledge a level of liability; you do have the opportunity of getting money back from your credit card company if you believe the appliance service technician did not merit the amount you paid.

3) How to keep Appliance Repair Costs Low?

This is where you need to know the difference between what to repair and what to replace. The average lifespan for most large household appliances, from a reputable manufacturer, is between 8 and ten years. When a machine is older than this, the cost of repairing combined with the likelihood of repeated breakdowns often makes buying new the best option.

You can save yourself money by giving as much detail about the problem before the technician coming out. Symptoms of the breakdown, with the make, model, and a serial number of the appliance will give the appliance technician enough information on what necessary parts and tools to bring with him. Get a quote from more than one company and if the professional will not provide a quote over the phone, avoid them. Contact a company with a more responsive service.

Do your homework; investigate the reputation of several companies in the area close to you. Provide as much detail and information about your problem and avoid businesses that do not offer estimates over the phone or by email.

When to Repair and When to Replace

The cost of replacing and buying a new, large household appliance can be daunting and often comes “at the wrong time”. So we often ask the question: should we dive in and buy a new one, or can we get away with it a little longer by having the old one repaired?

The rule of thumb: If a repair will cost more than half the price of a new appliance and the unit is more than 6 or 7 years old, it is the right time to replace with new.

The American National Association of Home Builders provides the following longevity estimates for household appliances:

  • Dishwasher – 9 years
  • Refrigerator – 13 years
  • Freezer – 11 years
  • Range/oven – 9to15 years – gas lasts a bit longer than electric
  • Washing machine – 10 years
  • Tumble Dryer – 13years

Before you spend any money on a new home appliance, ask yourself these questions:

1) Is it broken – the problem might just be a short in the plug, a poor surge-protector outlet or that the circuit breaker has tripped out.

2) Read the troubleshooting or solutions section in the instruction booklet for the most common solutions to the problem you are experiencing.

3) Check to see if your appliance is still under warranty and what type of repairs and/replacement are covered.

4) Have you experienced this problem before and already had a repair carried out? Once again, if it is a minor fix or under warranty, you should not buy a new one, and it may be time to get the manufacturer to replace it for you.

5) If your machine has put in hard graft for many years and has lived up to its full life expectancy and the cost of repair will cost more than half of a new one, you have your answer right there – cut your losses and go shopping for a new model!

6) If your residential appliance has always worked well, it might be worth fixing, instead of replacing with something new and unproven.

What to look for when you are comparing buying with repairing?

  • What would a similar home appliance cost? Go online to get the broadest pricing on new appliances. Include the hidden costs such as delivery, removal and disposal of your old unit, installation fees and taxes.
  • Can your budget withstand the cost of a new unit?
  • Would you be gaining with having additional features on a new unit that your old appliance does not provide?
  • Should you be considering energy savings in your selection of appliance for your house? This involves a little math calculation: will energy conservation be enough to offset the price of a new appliance against the cost of repair being more efficient budget? You must include any tax credits that you would receive for buying a more energy efficient appliance.
  • If you are still unsure, call a local expert in your residential A reputable repair company or appliance dealer in your city will give you the best advice.
  • Often a professional repairman can give you more options for fixing rather than buying a new model. If one of your reasons for slanting your decision to buy is because your fridge looks outdated or you have just remodeled your kitchen, a professional company can spruce it up with a modern paint finish and make it look as good as new, to fit in with the new design or color scheme. It costs a lot less than you think too!

Useful Tips to Remember

  • Protect yourself and your appliance. Never leave the appliance service technician to “get on with the job” – stay close by and if you are asked to leave, as “why.” Unless you are in real danger by remaining near- by, do not move away. This means that you know exactly what is going on, and there cannot be any underhandedness by the repair technician.
  • Ask for business licenses. Georgia regulations for appliance companies may vary from place to place, so before you hire a repair service, check your state electrical regulations to see what license, if any, is required for appliance repair companies. A licensed company representative gives far more security to you than one who is not. If they tell you that they are licensed, and arrive without the document, do not let them in and do not pay them for their visit – unless they offer to go back and get proof. That is, of course, if they are required by state law to have a license in the first place.

What are warranties?

A warranty is like an insurance policy that lasts one to five years after you have bought an appliance for your house. This usually covers you against the cost of repairs and replacements. While the concept is good, the problem is they can cost as much as the product itself and account for a significant proportion of retailers’ profits and sales peoples’ commission.

Worse still, some warranties used to advertise rights that were already yours by law. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 now prohibits this.

What do they cover?

Warranties usually cover your residential appliance for mechanical or electrical failure, not accidental damage. With the warranty, it should cover repair costs, including parts and labor.

Warranty does not cover theft or water damage from floods or fire damage. You need insurance for that.

Before you sign up for a retailer’s warranty, check the fine print and see what the Manufacturer’s Warranty entails. They are generally for 1 to 5 years, depending on the type of appliance and will cover you if there is a fault, so you will not need the extra warranty from the retailer. Do not get taken in by the offer of free backup, etc. it never happens and when you call out the repairman, you will find that the retailer’s warranty will not cover repairs, visits or spare parts.


Energy Savings Standards: 21st Century Manufacturing

Today the standard washer size is 3.5 cubic feet. In 1980, the standard washer measured 2.5 cubic feet. Although the appliances have increased in energy efficiency and reduced water usage, they have also become more convenient to use due to their larger capacity.

Home refrigerators have more efficient compressors and better insulation to reduce energy consumption. The Federal Standards has set the specifications to qualify for an Energy Star; a fridge must exceed the minimum federal standards for energy use by 20%.

There has been a nationwide Annual Reduction in electricity by over 7%, attributed to energy efficiency standards. The national annual reduction in electricity usage, based on current standards, projected at 14% for 2035.

With the introduction of Energy Star by the EPA back in 1992, a voluntary labeling program, designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products for your house, which include appliances, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, experts say manufacturers have rapacious desire to stay ahead of the curve to maintain consumer market share. This is good news for consumers: It drives costs lower and gives better, more efficient products.

Final Thoughts

Only you can decide whether it’s best to repair or replace an appliance in your house. Whichever choice will work for you is the BEST OPTION. Repair services in the cities of Georgia are relatively cheaper compared to rates in other state but if replacing your machine with a new one can get you more savings in the long run, you can also go for it.


Tips for a Green Lawn in the Summer

During hot months of summer, it can be challenging for you to keep your lawn green. But, provided you follow the right lawn maintenance tips, you will still enjoy a beautiful green lawn during summer. For the lawn to stay green, you need to ensure the grass is healthy. The grass will be healthy if you will apply the right fertilizer and have enough water on the lawn. You will have enough water on the lawn through irrigation. There are some types of grass which will do well in all seasons; you can plant such type of grass so that you will find it easy to maintain them during summer.

1. Water the Lawn Correctly
Lawns will come in different shapes and sizes. To ensure you have all the water which will be sprinkled utilized by the lawn, you need to adjust the sprinkler to a size and shape of the lawn. You should water the lawn in the morning. This is necessary because the water will be utilized by the grass during the day in the process of photosynthesis. Watering in the afternoon will lead to more evaporation hence the grass will not utilize all the water. In the evening, the water will make the lawn damp, and there will be less utilization because the grass will not carry out photosynthesis due to lack of sunlight. Try to water at an interval of three times in a week so that the grass will develop deep roots. Avoid watering till you develop a runoff because it will lead to waste of water.

2. Aerate the Lawn
You need to aerate the lawn so that it will absorb more water for proper utilization by the grass. The easiest way to aerate the lawn is to push a fork into the ground. You can push at different sections of the lawn till you cover the entire lawn. This is necessary for you to improve water absorption of the lawn as well as improving the health of grass roots.

3. Feed your Lawn
For the grass to stay healthy, you need to apply the right fertilizer. You can take tests of your lawn soil so that you will identify minerals which are in deficient. Through an application of the fertilizer, you will improve the health of the grass.

4. Mow at the Right Height
To maintain the good looking lawn, you need to raise the blades of your lawnmower during summer. Mowing at higher heights will protect the roots from drying up during summer. The blades should be sharp to avoid shredding the grass which will accelerate drying up.